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1 Results inLatvia

Hotel School Riga

Diploma Latvia Riga September 2018

Why HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA? Higher education and qualification in 2 years! HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college offers you to get international British diploma in hospitality business management. Our educational programs are licensed and accredited not only in Latvia but also in the UK and the US, allowing you to get two diplomas while paying only for one! The studies include a substantial "on-the-job" learning part - we provide an opportunity for each student to gain professional work… [+] experience in the top-level hotels throughout the world. We are proud that 68% of our graduates continue with their careers within the hospitality domain applying knowledge that they've learned with us, 41% of our students are progressing further with their studies - 18% of them in the universities abroad, as HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college's diploma is internationally recognized and highly appreciated by the industry professionals! HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA is the only certified BTEC learning center in the Baltic region that specializes in providing higher education and qualification programmes for hospitality management and granting international British diploma. Guaranteed internship placements Internships and practical training are crucial for every learner to gain on-the-job knowledge, which is often considered to be the most important factor for the employer. Internship placements are considered to be the essential part of the learning process here at HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA. We are determined to help our students to find internships that will suit them perfectly and will allow them to gain useful expertise within the hospitality industry and to build a successful career in future. Learning process - easy and understandable HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college's curriculum is organized in such way that student has enough time to learn the course materials, submit their assignment and prepare for the next course. The course is called units for BTEC educational programmes, and usually, there are courses of different durations: 7-week course 14-week course In one academic month, learners are expected to focus on only 3-4 BTEC units simultaneously, which is allowing them to get a better understanding of a subject and to work out their assignments to higher grades. All together for a full academic semester, learners are expected to complete up to 7 BTEC units and up to 5 programme's supplementary courses. Learners are required to earn a certain amount of credit points for the duration of the programme, which is 240 credit points as a set minimum for BTEC Level-5 Higher National Diploma. Points are earned by successfully completing BTEC units, supplementary courses, providing internship reports and courses papers, including research paper - everything counts towards your overall progression! Advantages of BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma and Progression+ service Progression+ service enables you to continue your education and to get your first degree in more than 320 universities around the world starting from the 3rd year Bachelor's studies if choosing the same programme - Hospitality Management. Ideal location at the heart of Riga - modern European city HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA is located ideally at the heart of Riga city - Old Town, making it easy for students to reach it and to be always on time. Close proximity to all the major attractions and meeting sports will ensure that you are never stuck in traffic or out of time to meet your friends or fellow students. Why study in Riga? Riga is a modern and ever-evolving European city which has rich educational traditions and becoming more and more multicultural and diverse with each year passing by. Your student life here will be bright and dynamic. While being a charming European capital, Riga is still remaining an affordable city for the students - accommodation, entertainment and education fees will be a right choice for your budget. Students will also love the fact, how easy it is to travel around Europe from Riga. Even if having a very limited budget, it’s not a problem to visit Vienna, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Dresden, or other wonderful places in Europe. Of course, lectures and seminars are important, but traveling can sometimes give learners something, which is not possible to receive in a classroom - a spacious mind and a broad-based knowledge. Our history Established as School of Hotel Business Organisation in 2010 Vocational education programmes are accredited in Latvia in 2012 International British higher education BTEC license is acquired in 2012 HOTEL SCHOOL RIGA college is established and higher education programme is licensed in 2013 Facts at a glance 46% of college students are international students 60% of students had their summer internships abroad 68% of graduates are working in the hospitality industry 41% of graduates continue their education; 18% of them in the universities abroad [-]