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What is the UDIMA ?

The Distance University of Madrid ( UDIMA ) is an educational institution designed and designed primarily for the needs of people in the XXI century: professionals who, for reasons of time, mobility, geographical distance or family reconciliation, demand an open and flexible university , that allows to reconcile the study with the peculiarities of each student, with the aim of obtaining an officially recognized university degree of prestige, adapted to Europe and in contact with the world of the company, which also facilitates a good labor insertion or improves the that you already own.

How does it adapt to each student?

Offering a simple and permanent access to virtual classrooms, without restrictions of schedules, every day of the academic semester. The protagonist of the UDIMA is the student, in its formative, professional and human dimension.

Advising each student in a personalized way, especially in the process of enrollment, to choose the subjects that best suit the time available and the ability of each one. Through the continuous monitoring of teachers and tutors, in a close, direct and real environment.

Planning the study through the "Teaching guide of the subject", of the realization of didactic activities and of their delivery, in a system of communication and continuous evaluation, in which the proposed activities are designed for the gradual assimilation of knowledge in a simple way, understanding the practical utility of them.

The study methodology of the nearby Universid @ d

We are the closest University because we use the new ICT to bring knowledge to the student. The teaching-learning process is developed through the virtual classrooms of the UDIMA , through continuous evaluation, and always with a detailed planning of what is expected of the student in each activity and with a direct and constant communication with their teachers through forums, telephone tutorials and innovation and communication technologies that allow real-time communication.

At the end of each semester, the student demonstrates the knowledge acquired in the final physical exams. Another reason that allows us to be recognized as the nearby University is our large number of examination sites. There is a UDIMA exam site near you. In Spain we are in Alicante, Aranda de Duero, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Collado Villalba, Cordoba, La Coruña, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Malaga, Mérida, Oviedo, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia, Vigo and Zaragoza . We also have offices in other countries in Europe, America and Africa. In addition, to adapt to your needs, we offer different schedules and days so you can organize the exams as best suits you. All of our Degree and Master programs begin in February and September. To expand the information on the dates of the Doctorate, the Institute of Languages ​​and the Own Titles, consult the web.


Recognition of credits (validations)

In case you want to transfer the file from another University, we carry out a free credit recognition study to determine the subjects that a student can validate is free; the student must pay 10% of the cost in the first registration for each subject that he finally decides to include in his / her file.

materialsWe have a Technical Editorial Board that is responsible for developing the necessary materials for the study of the different subjects and that are 100% adapted to online learning. In addition, the materials are included in the price of the subject, which makes us different from other online universities.

Hypatia university library

The Hipatia university library is part of the support services for research, study and teaching. Given the nature of our teaching system based on the use of information and communication technologies and the geographical variety of residence of our students, our extensive bibliographic collection is, for the most part, accessible through the Internet.

Scholarships and grants

We have made available to our students a personalized service through the Department of Scholarship Management to help them in the procedures for applying for scholarships called by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD). Within these grants is the possibility of being part of the Erasmus program, since UDIMA is included, as an Institution of European Higher Education, in the Erasmus University Charter (EUC)

Employment and Entrepreneurship

We offer students a set of services to facilitate their incorporation into the labor market. Likewise, we offer companies the necessary tools to meet their needs in the selection processes of qualified professionals.

Unit of disability UNE- UDIMA

Composed of teachers and administrative staff, its main objective is to provide students with special needs derived from some type of disability with success in their training programs, as well as to enhance their incorporation into the labor market.



Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

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