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What is Virtual University?

The Virtual International University (IVU) offers distance learning (known as e-learning courses). Anyone who can not travel regularly to the university can benefit from online training and has the right to aspire to a degree of higher education.

IVU was created by the International University (ITU) to enable people with mobility constraints to access to higher education training, thanks to resources and online learning tools (platform , mentoring, video conferencing, media, virtual library). Exams are held once or twice a year to the ITU or in approved centers by IVU, and after which the distance student gets a degree (Bachelor, Master, Engineer).

The training away from the Virtual International University are proposed to:

  • working professionals wishing to deepen their basic and applied knowledge; who can not attend classes regularly,
  • students with transmission constraints: people underserved regions and areas to foreign capital or students with limited means,
  • students with disabilities.

Admission meets the same selection criteria as for students in initial training, and after a commission to validate mobility constraints.


Through innovation and information technologies, the Virtual International University (IVU) was founded in 2012 to provide online training. The organization of IVU allows distance students to manage their learning program according to their requirements.


You can apply for one of the courses offered based on your academic level: Degree, Engineering degree, Master. Following the review of your file, you will have an interview (in college or online) and you can register if you are accepted by the commission.


You will receive your access codes and you can follow online courses; Several tools are available: platform with the plane of course, different media (tutorial, documents, videos ..), virtual library. An educational and academic team also will supervise you throughout your studies.


The supervised homework and end of semester examinations are held at the university or in one of the centers approved by IVU at the end of each semester (in January and June). With a special waiver, you can also take the exams at the end of the academic year.


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