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Online English Language Courses for Older Teenagers and Adults

Online self study courses and taught online courses

Online self study
EJO offers 9 different online course packages for older teens and adults. All students need is an internet connection and a device (most are mobile friendly and they would just download the app).
The packages offered range from a two component Academic English course to a five component Business English course. For example, the Down to Business Achiever course package comprises of Business Speaking , Business Vocabulary and three Business Writing components at B2 level. The Practical English course at A2 level and above starts with a diagnostic test and then the programme selects the lesson path the student will follow. The A1 level course the lessons are pre-selected.

Taught online courses

EJO offers Academic English and General English taught online courses. Courses come in 15 hour blocks and students can take as many blocks as they wish. A discount is offered for multiple block purchases. All teachers are qualiified EFL teachers working with EJO. As well as the taught lesson time, students will also receive additional tasks to complete. All participants receive a ceettifcate on successful completion of the course. Lessons will be conducted using zoom or a similar platform.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the most suitable language course is really important because it is about making an investment for the future. Whether you are looking for a taught online course or a course package that is online only and self study for yourself, a member of your family or one of your employees, we are sure that the answer is to Learn English with us!



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