The College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE) is one of the eleven colleges of Kent State University, with approximately 1,000 students and near double-digit growth in recent years. As one of its fastest-growing colleges, the university has committed strong support to expand its programs. Kent State has constructed a new 55,000 square foot building for the college. The Aeronautics and Technology Building (ATB) is located at 1400 Lefton Esplanade.


History of the College

The technology programs at Kent started as early as 1913 when space was allocated on campus for “manual training” as an integral component for the preparation of teachers at Kent State Normal School. In 1995, the Independent School of Technology was established as an integrated eight campus academic unit. The Independent School of Technology consisted of three academic units, namely: Division of Aeronautics, Division of Applied Business and Technology, and the Division of Applied Science and Technology. In 2006, the School of Technology achieved College status and became the College of Technology. In 2011, all technology programs associated with regional campuses were separated from the Kent Campus and became part of the newly formed Regional College. In July 2012, the name of the College of Technology was changed to the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability, and Technology to reflect the changing mission of the College toward the development of new applied engineering and sustainability programs. In July 2017, the name College of Aeronautics and Engineering was chosen.


Mission Statement

To embrace a unique synergy of aeronautics, engineering, and technologies, positively changing the trajectory of the regional, national and global community by providing a dynamic educational experience that fosters experiential learning. Cultivating innovative research that transforms ideas into reality, and producing forward-thinking professionals dedicated to overcoming limits and improving lives.

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Kent State University - College of Aeronautics and Engineering

This degree is perfect for working professionals or those about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. It is in response to the significant increase in the transportation ... [+]


The Master of Science degree in Aviation Management and Logistics prepares graduates to perform at an advanced level in organizations that move people and/or goods via air transport.

Students in the program examine the business of aviation logistics and its role in the global supply chain. In addition, they learn techniques necessary to understand and develop an aviation logistics model for producing an accurate and effective forecast for the demand for aviation services.

Students are given practical experience in the negotiating, vetting and managing of vendor and labor contracts. They also learn the economic, regulatory, political, geographical and human-centric challenges facing the industry today, including profit strategies, human-error interventions tactics and post-9/11 security legislation concerning air cargo operations.... [-]

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