Lynn University’s small size and fearless people let us do things the big schools only wish they could. Experience boundless classrooms with iPad-powered learning. Connect with potential employers as early as your first semester. Gain a global mindset with peers from around the world. Graduate at warp speed with accelerated degree programs.

Mission & strategy

Lynn’s mission is to provide the education, support, and environment that enable individual students to realize their full potential and to prepare for success in the world.

Lynn is one of the most innovative, international and individualized small universities in the country. The University capitalizes on its size, location, and close student and faculty bonds to be a forerunner institution, an independent, 21st-century university that is devoted to preparing students for the future. In order to do so, Lynn’s strategy is to:

  • Remain relatively small, with approximately 2,400 undergraduate and 600 graduate students, and 500 or more adults enrolled annually to maintain a multifaceted, coeducational, primarily residential university with a small college atmosphere.
  • Admit a wide array of diverse students, from those with learning differences to the gifted, and those from many countries of the world and states across the nation.
  • Be grounded in the liberal arts but contain a collection of colleges oriented toward emerging professional opportunities, each of which features superior teaching, applied learning and international focus and experiences.
  • Contain a hallmark student development program that discerns each student’s strengths, shortcomings, and special needs to help develop his or her full capabilities.

Focused academic offerings

Lynn has intensified the focus of its academic offerings and developed a unique and nationally recognized core curriculum called the Dialogues.

Student diversity

All styles welcome. Lynn students come from all corners of the world and bring with them diverse interests and abilities. See how our programs help them succeed.

Skilled faculty

Our professors are focused on the art of teaching to make good students great and great students remarkable. See how Lynn inspires faculty to deliver a whole new style of teaching and learning.

State-of-the-art campus design

Lynn’s campus is designed to fit all styles of teaching and learning. Our new buildings adopt best practices from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, with collaborative workspaces and the latest technologies. See our newest additions to campus.

Culture of support

Alumni, students, parents, and friends of Lynn University know that we never sit still. We imagine the best possible future for our students and for our community, and we continually strive to improve, build and invest in that vision.

Mission LYNNpossible

This winter, Lynn celebrates the early completion of its strategic plan, which declared a bold vision for Lynn University: “to be recognized as one of America’s most innovative, international and individualized small universities.”

At the 2017 Mission LYNNpossible-themed State of the University address, President Kevin Ross highlighted the extraordinary support and work that propelled us two years ahead of schedule.

Programmes taught in:
  • English

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Lynn University

The Lynn MBA is a well-respected program, rated Top 10 in the region by South Florida Business Journal, nationally-ranked by U.S. News and World Report, and considered to ... [+]

The Lynn MBA is a well-respected program, rated Top 10 in the region by South Florida Business Journal, nationally-ranked by U.S. News and World Report, and considered to be one of the best online MBA programs in Florida. Learn from credentialed, attentive faculty with real-world business experience in a collaborative, convenient, and flexible online format.

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